A selected archive of journalistic work, sorted by publication. The news stories are all exclusive.

The Art Newspaper

Review, Koons: Complete, with the Kitsch in Synch (August 2007)
Investigation, Where Do All the Profits Go? (December 2012) 


Q&A, Laura Buckley (November 2014) 

Channel 4

Investigative research, Chinese Murder Mystery (November 2012) 
Investigative research, The Court of Ken (January 2008) 

The Daily Telegraph

News, Who will keep us on our toes, ask ballerinas (December 2006) 
News, Don Sows Seed of Addict Certificate (December 2006) 
News, Princess Anne Threatens the Antarctic (December 2006) 
Interview, A Page in the Life: Colin Grant (May 2012)

Dazed and Confused

Q&A, Woody Allen (December 2005) 
Q&A, Julie Verhoeven (December 2013) 


Q&A, Lore Segal (November 2013) 
Q&A, Catherine O'Flynn (October 2013) 

Esquire UK

Interview, Hugh Dancy: Spring Style Special (March 2012)

The Guardian

News, Architects Clash on Wren's Historic Hospital (exclusive sold in) (May 2005) 
Culture blog, Will Teenage Girls Endorse A Comic Look at the WI? (March 2007) 
Science feature, Human After All? (May 2005)


Feature, Sjakket Youth Centre (June 2007)

The Independent

News, Staff Paint a Grim Picture of Bullying Culture at the Tate (August 2011)
News, A Lost Michaelangelo? (July 2011)
News, For Sale: Futurologist JG Ballard's Old Home (July 2011)
News, Architects Threaten to Boycott Israel (exclusive sold in) (February 2006)

Cover profile, Larry Gagosian, The Fine Art of the Deal (November 2007) 
Cover interview, Richard Rogers: A Life in Concrete and Steel (April 2008) 
Cover interview, Ellie Goulding, profile, Saturday magazine (March 2010) 
Cover interview, Collateral Damage: The Murder of Richard Davis (January 2008) 
Cover interview, Andy Kershaw, The Year My Life Fell Apart (September 2008) 
Cover feature, New and Improved: Rebuilding a Disaster Zone (April 2010)

Design, Architect: Jamie Fobert (May 2008)

Science feature, Killer Syndrome, The Aids Denialists (December 2009) 
Science feature, Air Conditioning: Cold Comfort (August 2010) 
Science feature, The Science of Science (August 2010)

Foreign, Funding Crisis Threatens Khmer Rouge Trials (foreign exclusive) (March 2008) 
Foreign, Short Boats Into Gaza With Fact-Finding Mission (November 2008)

Modern Painters

Review, Antony Gormley (December 2012) 
Review, Sachin Kaeley (December 2012) 
Review, Jannis Kounellis (January 2013)

Museums Journal

Feature, Sound Advice (February 2013) 
Feature, Permanent Displays (October 2012) 
Feature, Exhibition Programmers (May 2013)


Interview, Hilary Hahn (2012) 

The New Statesman

Feature, Rap on the Run (August 2008) 
Feature, Britain's Hidden Art (February 2007)

Night and Day (Vintage Books)

Q&A, Sitting With Freud (Autumn 2011)

The Observer

Feature, The Dark Side of Paradise (November 2006) 
Feature They Do Give a Damn (September 2006)
News, Bombs Shatter Lebanon's Roman Legacy (September 2006) 
News, BBC Correspondents Abroad 'Too White' (August 2006) 
News, The Marriage that Shocked Victoria (August 2006)
Foreign, How a beauty queen stirred fury at Cannes (foreign exclusive) (May 2006) 
Foreign, I've no plans to stand for US Presidency again, says Gore (May 2006)


Feature, The Noah's Ark of Plants and Flowers (June 2012)

Time Out London

TV featurette, Diving For Truth (August 2001) 
TV featurette, Tolkien and Toking (August 2001)

The White Review

Essay, Haitian Art and National Tragedy (February 2013)


Feature, Kurant Obsession (November 2008) 
Interview, Olaf Breuning (November 2008)