Steve McQueen

A review for Modern Painters on Steve McQueen's recent show at Thomas Dane Gallery.

Reading: Caribou Island; Absurdistan; Strong Opinions; Baudelaire selected essays; The Painted WordSpeak, Memory; Pale Fire; The Laughing Monsters; Paranoia: a 21st Century Fear; Tree of Smoke; Empire of the Sun; The Kindness of Women; So You've Been Publicly Shamed; Blue Nights; Boyhood Island; Our Man in Havana; End of the Affair, Quiet, Brideshead Revisited (finally); The Psychopath Test; Them; Sleepyhead; Frank; Lost at Sea; Out of the Ordinary; the Buddha of Suburbia; Jerusalem (script); Brooklyn; The Dark Net; The Picturegoers; Gilead; Elizabeth is Missing