Selected articles

2019 Cover feature The book club for lonely men (the Times)
2019 Opinion A divided country: How Stuart Hall saw it coming (frieze)

2017 Feature Monsieur Toussaint is translated into Créole (frieze)
2017 Interview Chris Goode on Derek Jarman's Jubilee (FT Life & Arts)
2017 Feature Jonas Mekas on life as a refugee in post-war Germany (Telegraph)
2017 Feature These Slovak journalists quit their paper and built a rival (Nieman Lab)
2017 News Teatr Polski Actors Revolt Against New Director (Guardian)
2017 Feature Viktor Orbán: How to subvert a strongman (Prospect)

2016 Feature Electronic Superhighway (International New York Times)
2016 Feature Unexpected Eisenstein (Paris Review Daily)

2015 Feature, The Black Years, Hamburger Bahnhof (Guardian Review) 
2015 Interview, Sean Scully (International New York Times & NYT)
2015 Review, Jon Ronson, So You've Been Publicly Shamed, (LA Review of Books
2015 Preview, Sacred Imaginations (Prospect)
2015 Review, Steve McQueen, Thomas Dane (Modern Painters)

2014 Feature, Hackney Co-housing (Independent Magazine)
2014 Review, Richard Ford, Let Me Be Frank With You (Millions
2014 Interview, Laura Buckley (BOMB Magazine
2014 Interview, Julie Verhoeven, (Dazed Digital)

2013 Cover feature, Tim Hetherington (Independent
2013 Feature, Rothko: Contemporary Art You Can Bank On (Evening Standard
2013 Interview, Lore Segal (Guernica
2013 Interview, Catherine O'Flynn (Guernica
2013 Review, Tao Lin, Taipei (National)
2013 Essay, Haitian Art and National Tragedy (White Review

2012 Interview, A Page in the Life: Colin Grant (Telegraph)
2012 Investigation, Where Do All the Profits Go? (Art Newspaper
2012 Feature, The Noah's Ark of Plants and Flowers (Smithsonian)
2012 Interview, Hugh Dancy: Spring Style Special (Esquire UK)
2012 Review, Thomas Houseago (Modern Painters)

2011 News, Staff Paint a Grim Picture of Bullying Culture at the Tate (Independent)

2009 Cover feature, The AIDS Denialists (Independent

2008 Feature, Rap on the Run (New Statesman
2008 Cover feature, The Murder of Richard Davies (Independent)
2008 News, Gaza Fact Finding Mission (Independent
2008 News, Cambodia Foreign Shortfall (Independent)

2006 Feature, Murder in Paradise (Observer)
2006 Feature They Do Give a Damn (Observer)
2006 News, Bombs Shatter Lebanon's Roman Legacy (Observer)